Turmeric for Depression

 Is there a natural compound in nature that would help against your battle with depression? And if so, how good is it? Why is this such a great ally against depression?

Let’s dive into this article and explore what helped me and my friends….


 Dear friend,

I dealt with depression and anxiety almost my whole life. You can say I had my share of life’s worries and experiences with this…

Even though – there’s a lot of anti-depressants on the market. They often have a lot of side effects and in my experience, the side effects are a lot worse than the original cause that you were taken the medication in for the first place ….

Turmeric for Depression?

image how to stay healthyAs you probably had noticed – My website is about Natures Healthy Roots and what it can do for you. I’m a big fan of the Turmeric Root because it’s so diverse in the ability to overcome health challenges. That’s why I think Turmeric for depression is a very healthy choice

Is this healthy root proven to help with depression?…..

Yes! First of all, they did a test on rats that were slightly depressed. They had low levels of serotonin and noradrenaline. When they gave the rats a dose of curcumin the levels of these hormones rose again to normal values.

Ok, Edwin. But I’m Human. What about humans?

Ah, Good point! I almost forgot.

There’s a lot of research being done on this healthy root and it’s healing effects, lowering inflammation symptoms and much more. There are more than 500 studies conducted.

But this 1 study stands out.

They gave 108 male depressed patients 2 x 1000mg curcumin capsules (without Bioperine) or the placeboes were given to the other group. They had to take the curcumin capsules for 6 weeks.

The group that took the curcumin capsules, had a significant antidepressant behavioral response. In other words; it means that the compounds in the curcumin supplements, giving an effect that it looks likes it is behaving like anti-depressants.

Look for scientific studies here.

That’s pretty impressive right!?

So Turmeric for Depression? Yes!. Does that mean it’s a quick fix for depression? No, it isn’t. But you’re are 3 steps ahead with the curcumin supplements. People forget sometimes that all illnesses, in my experience need a holistic approach.

how long does it take for turmeric to workThe 3 most important things I did

1. Make up your bed every day you wake up.

Now, this sounds silly, right? Well, actually No. Not at all!

Really Depressed people are tortured with negative thoughts about their self-image. During the day they often feel more depressed and negative about their self-image because they can’t get anything done.

Making your bed every day – and going to bed in a perfectly made up bed. Gives you a feeling that you did something for yourself and it really gives you a positive impulse beginning and ending your day like that.

It is the first step to a new positive Routine, that you just can’t mess up. And this can be the most valuable action you can take against your fight against depression.

To illustrate this. Check this awesome Video:


2. Exercise [Be in Motion]

be in motionOffcourse this sounds logical – and for a lot of depressed people, this is too much. That’s why I made it Depressed-Proof. When I say depressed proof. I take emphatic notion that a lot of people fighting against these symptoms of this horrible condition and often their situation needs a simple routine, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the new routine. As I did when I was Depressed and anxious.


Exercises 1:

turmeric nutrition

#Child Pose (yoga) – 30 seconds or as long that it feels right.

turmeric nutrition

#Bridge Pose (yoga) – 30 seconds or as long that it feels right.

depression brain

#Upword-facing Dog Pose (yoga) – 15 seconds or as long that it feels right.

depression symptoms

#Downward-facing Dog Pose (yoga) – 15 seconds or as long that it feels right.

health benefits of turmeric

#Standing-forward Fold Pose (yoga) – 30 seconds or as long that it feels right.

Life is depressing

#Savasana (yoga, lying meditation) – 1 minute or as long that it feels right.


So now we have a 4-minute gentle workout, that’s specifically designed to work on the symptoms of depression. Here is the Source for further instructions:

Are there more things we can do to get relief from the symptoms of depression? Yes, one very simple exercise can work magic!

It’s called walking in Nature

depression brain

Offcourse very simple. But that is just what we need when struggling to be an energetic person. If you don’t have nature around your home. A good walk around the block is very beneficial too. Sometimes going outside for even 5 minutes can alleviate some of the depressive symptoms. Especially for Anxious people, it can work magic for them.

Ok, so what is number 3 that I use?

3. Writing in a Journal.

how long does it take for tumeric to workWhat do you write in your Journal then?

  •  The things that you are thankful for.
  • The Thoughts That need to go out.
  • The new thoughts that you want in your system.


You might be thinking – If I’m depressed and anxious how can I be Thankful? You can actually. If you make up your bed and go to sleep with a perfectly made up bed. That is something you should write up in your Journal. How small the achievement is in your eyes. You should write it in your journal. Every inch of thankfulness you practice eliminates doubtful, anxious and other negative feelings. You’re trying to get in a space of gratitude and every step is one you can be proud of.

#Thoughts that need to go out of your system (A.S.A.P.)

Anything that bothers you – or thoughts that misbehave get a direct trip to your journal. You don’t need to put up with this thoughts. When writing your destructive thoughts in your journal, you give space for thoughts that are constructive, loving, inspirational and who knows what kind of emotion you come up with. It’s just ranting on paper and that feels good! No…It feels awesome!…

#The new thoughts that you want in your system.

If you go back into your own memories. There was probably a point in your life where you found out that you had negative self-talk. That always annoying inner critic, that you weren’t good enough or something of that nature.

And listening to that inner critic, we were unconsciously affirming how inadequate, lazy, bad looking, stupid, etc we are.

So why not reverse that unconscious routine? Is that possible? Yes of course! I did it like that. It’s hard in the beginning. Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity to changes the hardened beliefs that you carry inside your consciousness.

Write 5 of the most destructive thoughts in your journal.

For example: If you have the belief that you’re not good enough
your write an affirmation, that you are good enough.

Example: I am good enough

The ”I am” is important. Because you put it in the present as if it already occurred. Most of the time when you affirming new beliefs in your mind, it feels unauthentic. That is just because you were affirming the opposite belief. It takes practice and repetition to embody the new beliefs.

So don’t feel awkward feeling unauthentic. You’re just practicing the new art: of how to change my belief structure.

And it will change by time!

To conclude this article. Let’s summarize what we did talk about and what the conclusion is:

#Step 1: If you feel inspired; Take the curcumin supplements.
#Step 2: Discipline your self with the easiest task, to begin with.
#Step 3: Get yourself in motion. Do easy Exercise.
#Step 4: Write in your Journal.

–>(Read the turmeric review here)<–

Would we say this is depression-proof? I think so and you’re probably are going to agree.

If you take these 4 (easy) steps into your new morning or/and evening routine. Wouldn’t this be a great step towards getting out of the dreadful situation and mindset; called Depression?

This is what helped me along my journey. I know now that you have to begin with the easy steps and master them and eventually go to the higher goals in life. I think you can do this.

I hope this Article will help you with your process and eventually you’ll get out of your situation and reduce your depression symptoms.

That’s my wish for you.

depression brain

Be blessed.

Be well,