Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) In General

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Everything you need to know about the Turmeric Root (Curcuma Longa) and it’s health benefits. Please continue reading..


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image curcuma longaTurmeric is one of many spices with several benefits like it is anti-inflammatory properties, its stress reducing properties, brain-boosting ingredients, providing joint support and so forth. Originated from the Curcuma Longa plant, it has been recognized as widely in the eastern areas as a medicinal support for both body and brain. And being a most probable spice used in the Indian and nearby countries…

it is also called as ‘Haldi’ and is used as a color agent in many cuisines. If we take a gander at what an adequate amount of turmeric in your daily diet can provide, is 26% of your daily requirement of manganese and 16% of daily requirement of Iron.

The major property of turmeric lies in the fact that it improves our body’s ability to digest fats in an easy way. And, that’s the reason it is sometimes used to reduces acidic and gas problems.

image curcuma longa

image curcuma longa

If we take a quick grasp of an adequate amount of turmeric it can be utilized for:
Preventing cancer, turmeric stops any further growth of prostate cancer and can even destroy existing cancer cells within the body
Curing diabetes, and at least keeping a control of diabetes and glucose control inside the body. Keep a check of the cholesterol level containing vital substance, consumption of which leads to boosting of the immunity system and healing wounds. Turmeric (curcuma longa) has been very well known in the early days for applying it over the wounds in order to heal them in a more natural way…..

Maintaining a perfect weight of the body and flow of the soluble fat outside the body with the fat-soluble turmeric causes to maintain the ideal weight of the body.

Acts a natural detoxifier for liver, turmeric boost the production of enzymes in the body responsible for detoxifying the blood. And the sky is limit from there.

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Turmeric with honey


image curcuma longa, image turmeric with honeyBut what’s better is taking turmeric with honey. Turmeric powder, when combined with honey, can act as a true savior for maintaining your healthy life, the reason of which is being its capacity to cure a cold, acne, cough, or you can use them as a face mask or even for curing a sore throat. Cough curing using Turmeric powder and honey. Due to its anti-bacterial properties and combined with honey makes its one of the most effective and natural remedy to cure coldness and cough at home.

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Face mask using Turmeric powder and honey

image Turmeric for skin maskTurmeric has been a major ingredient in much skin creams, or any cosmetics for our face. When combined with honey, Turmeric powder can act as a perfect natural fair glow cosmetic based remedy. In fact, it has been utilized for centuries among many cultural countries like India and China among brides during their weddings.
Using Turmeric powder and honey is considered as a very healthy and effective drink, and has anti-inflammatory property and an anti-bacterial property which enables to keep a clean stomach and curing many stomach based problems like indigestion, gas issues, stomach ulcers and so forth.


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Turmeric, Curcumin, and Cucurmin 

image turmeric curcuminNow, we did see Turmeric is originated from Curcuma Longa plant and it has many properties very similar to curcumin with the anti-inflammatory properties. So, we need to understand what is curcumin and how does it relate to Turmeric. What is curcumin? The origination story of Turmeric begins from the Curcuma Longa plant which is cleaned, dried up and harvested to retrieve turmeric.

People often confuse curcumin and Turmeric, like you may be wondering is curcumin and turmeric the same? The answer is pretty simple, Curcumin is the substance that is retrieved from the turmeric root. The curcumin or curcuminoids is the healing, active substance that is prior when people feel enlightened from their (physical) issues.

Cucurmin Health benefits?

You might be thinking; what is cucurmin then and has Cucurmin health benefits? It is something different then curcumin, curcuma longa and turmeric. It’s pretty funny actually. It doesn’t exist. A lot of people ask me how the health benefits of cucurmin are? Well, now you know what my answer is to that!

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Curcumin, on the other hand, is actually a very important compound present in the Turmeric. Which gives it most of the anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial properties. And, most of the health benefits of the turmeric root is due to the presence of this compound. In order to understand the difference, consider oranges; they are the vital source and rich of vitamin C, right? Similarly, in case of Turmeric, it is rich in curcumin.

Fact: A turmeric root may often contain 2-5% curcumin only.

Due to its numerous valuable impacts, curcumin is all around respected for some, wellbeing capacities. It stops torment and irritation and is presently being researched for hindering tumors and battling malignancy, forestalling fat development and aggregation.

Now, utilizing curcumin is always beneficial, but in few cases when you are utilizing some sort of medication drugs, curcumin has a property to interact with those drugs and the side-effects may not be well.

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Curcumin and Drug interaction


image Turmeric drug interactionsSo, let’s see the relation to curcumin and drug interaction. In case, if you are under treatment for any diseases that may include medication drugs, you should consider asking your doctor if this is a good way to go for you.
Wondering, why? Let’s see few cases in which curcumin may interact with your medication drugs and could lead to side-effects. And of course, that’s not something we promote…


  • Diabetes based drugs: In case you are going under medication of diabetes with drugs, the curcumin can increase the effect of drugs in your body in a way that could lead to low blood sugar (referred as hypoglycemia)
  • Stomach acid-based drugs: In case you are consuming drugs for your stomach for acid issues, consuming curcumin along with them may break into the action of those drugs and will rather increase your trouble for stomach acidity.

Also, while we are talking about curcumin and drug interaction, it is also important to know about the blood thinning misconception about curcumin. It has been often to discuss is curcumin a blood thinner?
The answer for that question is no, but consumption of turmeric or curcumin along while taking medication for blood-thinning can rapidly increase the effect of blood-thinning drugs in such a way that can lead to Bleeding, in a few cases.

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Turmeric powder nutrition

image turmeric powder nutritionNow, we will get to know nutritional facts of turmeric powder. Earlier, we did get to know that turmeric provides 26% of our daily requirement of Manganese and 16% of daily requirement of Iron. Besides, it contains 1% calcium, ~15% protein, Total carbohydrates are ~55%, and Total fat is ~15%. Now from a health perspective, these are pretty impressive results for this healthy root ….


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Turmeric powder vs capsules

We can consume turmeric through two major sources, first one considers them while cooking (adding a spice), and the second one is through supplement or capsules.

And, it is quite obvious to wonder about which one should be better, Turmeric powder vs Turmeric capsules? As it, all depends on the requirement, and the simple solution is to maintain a balance between the two as to get the vital benefits from both of them. Organically speaking, plant-based turmeric herbs can be more effective than the supplements (which normally comes in the form of capsules).

Image Buy Turmeric PlusBut also in a lot of cases, when you do need some immediate treatment or action on your body, capsules can be a savior as they do mix with the blood instantly and opens up with its immediate effects. Again Turmeric Capsules can be extremely effective with a lot of ailments due to the scientific modifications they did on this supplement. We use Turmeric Plus and you can see on the Home Page and by the Testimonials why we think this is so good. When you’ve done that. You’re are just as enthusiastic we are and will order your own Turmeric Capsules with Bioperine…

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Turmeric: How to use to get the most out of it?


image curcuma longaApart from these quick ways to consider turmeric in your consumption, in case you are wondering about Turmeric and how to use it, here are few more ways to adopt them into your diet. Plain rice, when dried up with a pinch of turmeric and other spices like salt and cumin, can give a delightful flavor
A pinch of golden turmeric in your bowl of soup can make it, even more, warming and relaxing

A pinch of turmeric in the glass of a smoothie at the top layer can increase the specialty even more. A beverage with turmeric, tea, and honey can be more comforting and brain-relaxing.

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Turmeric powder dosage

Every healthy thing comes with a limitation ie dosage. Taken within the dose can be highly effective, but excess may even cause side-effects, well-known fact, right?
In case of turmeric, The research conducted by Maryland medical center suggests that 1-3 g per day is the idea of turmeric powder in your diet and while it is 400-600 mg for curcumin in case of an ideal dose.

Turmeric powder side-effects

An adequate amount of Turmeric is very beneficial either when it comes to health benefits or skin benefits. But higher dosages may even lead to side-effects;

High doses of turmeric powder or curcumin may cause:

  • Higher risk of bleeding (as in case of Blood-thinning medication)
  • Yellowish exposure on the face (when high amount of turmeric is added to face mask)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Uterine contractions in case of women during pregnancy period
  • Lowered blood pressure

But an ample and prescribed amount of turmeric in your diet can be much help, just try avoiding high dosage either in case of turmeric powder or supplements.

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