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Natural Home Medicines for different disorders using Plant Roots/Root Veggies



Roots of certain plants – are edible and they have been a staple food in most parts of the world. In fact, certain common roots like ginger, turmeric, beetroots, sweet potatoes were important ingredients in traditional natural home medicines over the years.

plant turmeric plusToday, we are witnessing – that there are vital nutrients found in many roots/root vegetables of different plants all over the world — including vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and fiber. These healthy natural roots can even help fight disorders like cancer, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, heart diseases, stomach related diseases, common pain, arthritis, etc.

We will now discuss – some natural home medicines using certain plant roots/root veggies that could help you in the treatment of various disorders without giving you any side effects…

1. Ginseng Roots- The Best Arthritis Home Remedy

Take the roots – of Ginseng roots and brown sugar in equal quantities. Grind the Ginseng roots and strain it through a thick cotton cloth to form a fine powder. Mix the Ginseng powder with brown sugar. Store this powder in a glass container. Eat 4-6 grams of this mixture every morning and evening with a glass of lukewarm milk. Take this remedy for 3 to 6 weeks or as required. It is even beneficial for the patients with severe arthritis who are bedridden. It treats a backache and pain in limbs. This arthritis home remedy works wonders even in the treatment of joint pains.

Or you can take – 2 tablespoons of ginseng powder, butter, and jaggery. Prepare pudding using these ingredients. Eat it at least for regular 15 days.

Tips: Before using ginseng roots, do not forget to clean them by boiling in milk and then let it dry. It is best suited in winters.
Patients that are hot-tempered are advised not to use this arthritis home remedy as much. Avoid eating oily, sour, spicy and gas causing foods during the treatment.To get rid of knee pain, eat butter chapatis made of gram flour without adding salt to it.

2. Garlic and Ginger Roots for healthy gut

Garlic: Take 1-2 peeled garlic cloves and seedless Zante currants. Stuff the garlic cloves inside the currant. Eat it after your meals. Regular consumption of this medicine treats the problem of flatulence, improves digestion and keeps your gut healthy.

Ginger: Take 1 to 3 grams of peeled fresh ginger, grate it. Apply some rock salt to the ginger and eat it just ½ hour before your dinner. Consume it regular for 8 days. This increases your appetite, improves digestion and also treats gastritis.


1. It treats stomach ache, gas trouble, indigestion, dysentery and also constipation,
2. And if you squeeze few drops of lime juice on the piece of ginger, it works wonders in the condition.
3. High Fibre Roots-Inflammation Home Remedy

Inflammation is part of the biological reaction of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as damaged cells, pathogens, or irritants. The main roles of inflammation are to eradicate the starting cause of cell injury, treats cells and tissues damaged from the original cause and, hence initiate tissue repair.

The most common signs – of inflammation are heat, pain, redness, swelling, etc. Inflammation is a biological response, and therefore it is considered the mechanism of immunity. Mild inflammation may lead to progressive tissue destruction by the harmful stimulus like bacteria. Whereas, chronic inflammation may lead to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, hay fever, atherosclerosis, and even cancer.

Therefore it is important – to closely pay heed to the kind of inflammation you are suffering from and nothing works better than the inflammation home remedy that we try using natural edible items available in our nature, for a particular kind of inflammation.

natural home remediesThere are certain root veggies – that are high in fiber and a high fiber diet helps in combatting the problem of inflammation. Both vitamin A and Vitamin C foods also benefit the immune system by lowering inflammation which is considered as the main cause of most chronic diseases like cancer and heart diseases.

Some of the healthy roots – that prevent inflammation in the body are carrots, radish turmeric, beetroots, onion, sweet potatoes, etc. Therefore, include as many root veggies as you can in your diet plant to prevent any kind of inflammation in the body.

Also, Turmeric is known for their anti-inflammatory properties, hence has been used as common inflammation home remedy since ages. This is considered as the most powerful plant root used for medicinal purposes over the years in Ayurveda.

4. Ginger-Garlic Roots: Natural Home Medicines For Common Pain

Dry Ginger Powder: With its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is an amazing and effective pain reliever. If you are suffering from headaches or migraines attacks, apply some dry ginger powder on the affected area and you will be amazed by the results. Ginger powder was found to have incredible pain relieving effects…

Garlic: Garlic has been used since ancient times as both a food and a natural medicine because of its multi-dimensional. Not only it improves your immunity but also is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in relieving pain – by reducing the inflammatory pathways like painkillers do.

Fennel Seeds: Fennel has been found to be an effective herbal remedy for menstrual pain because it is antispasmodic and causes muscular relaxation. Eating small quantity of fennel seeds can also relieve painful bloating and gas…



5. Garlic and Turmeric Root for Joint Pains

Garlic: Take crushed garlic and mustard oil and boil it together for not more than 5 minutes. Let the oil cool down to room temperature. Massage all your joints with this oil. Because of anti-inflammatory properties of both garlic and mustard oil, this combination is considered as the easiest natural home medicines among other treatments for joint pains.

Turmeric Powder: Take turmeric powder and mustard oil and boil it together for not more than 5 minutes. Let the oil cool down to room temperature. Massage all your joints with this oil. It will give you instant pain relief.


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