How To reduce Anxiety

You’re fed up with your anxiety that’s consuming your life’s joy? Want to take yourself to a new level of freedom, without anxiety? A How To Reduce Anxiety article special for you. This is what helped me and I’m sure this is going to work for you as well. Keep on reading …

…The 4 things you need to know how to reduce Anxiety…

I suffered my whole life of severe anxiety issues. I was in dark places with my mind. One of my diagnoses was G.A.S: General Anxiety Syndrome. If you have that kind of diagnose. You know that you’re fucked.

I wasn’t able to live life to my fullest potential.  I locked myself up in my apartment scared to go outside, to do groceries, exercise or go to work…

Meeting my mentor

Everybody experience angst and/or anxiety, to some degree, but what most people don’t have is a mind that is filled with anxious thoughts, memories, and imagination about the most grueling situations that might happen. I was in a horrible place then..The only thought that was in my mind was: How to cure Anxiety and my depression.

Then I met my counselor, who was a very experienced one. She is one of a kind and knew who I was when she only looked at me ones. Which surprised me a bit at the beginning. What could I expect? I didn’t know then how important she would be in my life and how capable and knowledgeable she is…

I want to share – the very important lessons and practical tips I learned from here. And you won’t find this on the internet or with other counselors. So take advantage of this new approach..


So what how to reduce Anxiety strategies are you going to learn today?

1. To release and how to cure Anxiety and other emotions.

2. Be present while having Anxiety.

3. Reprogram your subconscious mind.

4. Talking with your unconscious mind.



# – To release Anxiety and Other Emotions

What exactly means releasing your emotions? – It can be pretty simple actually. You know that feeling of anxiety where as soon as you can, you hide, run, ignore or get totally overwhelmed by it. You know that feeling right?..

What I’ve learned from my counselor is that as soon that anxiety is trying to overwhelm you. You go with your awareness into that feeling. Often it’s somewhere by your stomach. When you feel that emotion. Hold it with your awareness like you would hold a child in despair and needs comforting ….


You probably know this – But the anxiety that you feel is formed at an earlier stage of your life. Probably when you were a child or somewhat older.

That’s why you need to comfort the feeling like it was you as a child! When you do that. You may notice, that your feelings of anxiety or other emotions get less intense.

Just hold it for a specific time and when you think it’s a good point to stop. Just stop! And go on doing something else you enjoy doing.

Don’t take that last sentence for granted – It’s a very important one. If you hold it too long, you can dwell in your emotions. So feel when it’s a good time to stop and doing something else. If you keep dwelling in your emotions. You make the issue worse. When you train yourself to do something relaxing. You rewire your brain circuits and it becomes a habit.

2. Be present with your emotions

When you comfort your feelings and let the thoughts and memories drive by as if you’re looking at it, as the observer. When doing that you’re releasing your emotions and the subconscious thoughts and memories that rise to the surface, will float by and with time you will get to relax more.


#Relief & Comfort

Offcourse the Anxiety rush will go by now. You gave it space and released some of the emotions associated with it. You will find relief and comfort now. If you have a hard time with it find me on Twitter:@Evv010 or Facebook group: NaturesHealthyRoots and give me a personal message!

3. Reprogram your mind.


This is an interesting one – But very powerful. It has similarities with NLP. But this method is more flexible.

Every thought, image and/or memories that come to the surface, need a reversed thought, image or memory, that states the opposite of the current thought.

For Example: – When I see a particular person yelling me and which has occurred in the past. I replace that thought with my own thought that I’m creating on the spot ….

The thought and image would look something along this way:

I assertively speak – to that person and why he is yelling at me. The perpetrator would say that he was a victim himself and is very sorry that he did this. He didn’t know that he was hurting me that much and in the future, he wouldn’t do it again. We shake hands and I would say I forgive him end we walk away from each other.

Now, this is a simple example of how this is done. You can go wild with your imagination and everything is allowed! If you want to scream. Then hell, scream!! If you want to swear. By god means, do swear! But always keep in mind to end it positive and constructive. You’re the one living with those thoughts and emotions

4. Talking with the unconscious mind

It is more flexible because – every time you get an anxious thought or memory, you can anticipate.

For example: If angst suddenly appears. You first hold the feeling in a comforting way and then don’t react with the thoughts that drift by. You’re being present with the feeling then. Then you change the thought in a way that’s most pleasant for you and while doing this you can talk about the thoughts and memories that your unconscious bring up. I often have discussions with myself.

I hear you thinking: ”nutcase” Haha even though it has some truth in it. It is extremely beneficial to talk with yourself and to change your old habits..


These are questions you can ask your unconscious:

    • Why do you bring up this memory?
    • Do you think it’s beneficial for me?
    • When was the last time we had these experience?
    • And how did you feel this time?

Remember – your talking to a very intelligent psychological entity. If you had certain kind of behavior patterns at the time of the repressed memory. It will come up with these behavior patterns. Remember how you were at the time of that memory…

Why am I saying this?

So you don’t be surprised – when you get a very agitated, angry, jealous unconscious ”You” speaking. Go interact and speak with him as if you would to every child (because this is you from an earlier stage in your life)..

That means: Be kind, be patient, be loving, give him space, keep it simple, listen carefully. But a stubborn child needs discipline, assertiveness, clarity too. So treat it like it was your own child. Which is true from a certain perspective.

I Certainly think this will work for you. Give it a social share, if this worked for you.


To summarize it:

1. If you feel inspired and want to know how to cure anxiety, you can use the natural anti-anxiety supplements.
2. To release Anxiety and other emotions.
3. Be present while having Anxiety.
4. Reprogram your subconscious mind.
5. Talking with your unconscious mind.

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Be Well.
Be Blessed,