Effects Of Ginger On The Body

Here is everything you want to know about the Ginger root and the effects of Ginger on the body and much more..



image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Health benefits of the ginger root

Ginger, a member of the family of the turmeric, has been for several years in both the cooking and medicinal fields due to its several health benefits. If we talk especially about ginger root and it’s health benefits, Ginger is used as a home remedy in many cases, like for indigestion, chest pain, back pain, stomach upset, colds and so forth.

The description and the history of Ginger were originated in the Greeks and in ancient Sanskrit about its several health benefits and ginger roots medicinal uses.
There are several essential nutrients in this root and ginger root vitamins present in the ginger like amino acid, potassium, selenium, Vitamins B2, B1, B6, vitamin C, Zinc and so forth. And the ground ginger also contains vitamin A. There are many health benefits to this spice, and later on, we will get to understand about them in details.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Ginger root health benefits

Like turmeric and other medicinal based spices, Ginger is also used for many medicinal purposes in India and China. It Contains Gingerol, a major ingredient for many medicinal substances. Gingerol is a major bioactive compound of Ginger and is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which make it a useful and healthy ingredient.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

A great home remedy for morning sickness

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Ginger is very effective in treating Nausea and is even used after surgery in case of vomiting. But it’s very useful in the case of pregnancy-related nausea, and it’s very beneficial for the early moms to get rid of their morning sickness.

It can be also useful in case of body pain and muscle pain. Regular consumption of ginger can reduce stress based effects or workout muscles pains and can even relieve you of body pain. However, the result is not instantaneous, but a regular consumption can be certainly helpful.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root
Natural remedies for osteoarthritis

Studies have proved that ginger is effective in case of reducing the symptoms of this common health issue. We have a great Natural home remedy for osteoarthritis treatment. This one I liked to share with you:

Natural remedies for osteoarthritis 1

  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp black sesame seeds
  • Sook these overnight and drink it first in the morning..

    Natural remedies for osteoarthritis 2:

  • Slice a whole potato.
  • A glass of water.
  • Slice the potato into pieces and sook them in a glass of water. Drink first in the morning.

Pretty simple, but very beneficial…

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Is Ginger good for colds?

image is ginger good for colds?

Is ginger good for colds one might say? Well, Ginger has a very long history of being utilized in traditional and ancient medicines, for example, in the period where medicines were not so easily available we had to rely on home remedies. Ginger was a real important spice to be used for a cough or cold issues. Also, if you would look at the ingredient of most of the cold based medicines, they do contain ginger. So most of the times a delicious ginger tea with honey will do the trick

image of the health benefits of the ginger root
Ginger root pills for weight loss


Ginger, when mixed with lemon in a glass of water, can be a perfect solution for keeping your weight under control. Both the lemon and ginger have properties based on which they do tend to curb out all the fat stored in the body, and this is what makes ginger for weight loss a perfect home remedy.

But when you want to do this in an easy way and with a more scientific approach there are Ginger root drops for weight loss, that can support your fight against weight loss. It’s a really amazing product, all organic and if you want to know the ins-and-outs. You can find it here.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

What’s good for an Upset Stomach

Ginger is a natural form of anti-inflammatory and has been proved as an essential cure for several upset stomach problems like gas, loose motion, IBS, colic and so forth.

Now since we do know several health benefits of Ginger, we should know a little about how to prepare several ginger home remedies at home without any hassle.

Home Remedy Ginger Tea

Ginger is a common spice being used in the kitchen and is available with us at most of the time, so in order to consume them in a considerable amount, we can consume them through Ginger tea. Ginger tea is actually very effective especially in the season of winters and it actually adds up to the benefits and taste of the tea.

Preparing ginger tea at is simple, and you are going to need a little juice of lemon, raw honey (1-2 tsp), ginger and water of course. Now with the simple procedure of preparing tea, add pilled thin slices of ginger and get the benefits along with your tea.

What’s also available is a very interesting organic supplement with 13 different organic ingredients in it, especially designed what’s good for an upset stomach with off course the ginger root in it…

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Ginger for skin benefits

image Turmeric for skin mask

But, apart from several gingers health benefits, gingers are also utilized in the industry of cosmetics like creams, expensive talc and so forth. For example, ginger powder on the face is very well famous for the property of retaining the original and naturally glowing skin of our face and it vanishes the scars out of your face…

The antioxidant property of ginger brings a natural tone to the skin on the face and can reduce the scars. Applying the powder twice a day on a regular basis and you can see the improvement for yourself.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Reducing cellulite with Ginger

Cellulite is a kind of fat that grows on the skin especially on the skin of women’s thighs and hips, resulting to produce dimples in the area. The detoxifying property of the ginger is responsible to reduce these persistent fat based cellulitis and is a good remedy for your skin pimples. Besides of a pimple, ginger powder on the skin has several other benefits as well as crushing off the old skin and producing new skin.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Ginger root hair benefits

Apart from ginger root skin benefits, ginger is also helpful for long and natural hair growth. Basically, ginger ensures the proper blood flow to your scalp, and this ensuring strong and long hair.

Wondering how you can utilize the Ginger root for your hair, or had you always been seeking for a natural all-along hair treatment without going to expensive parlors? You can certainly try ginger root hair mask.


Natural Ginger Home remedy Hair Mask

And the best part is that you can make it at home very easily, just utilizing few of simple steps. You are going to need coconut oil, spoon, bowl, grater, shower cap, ginger (of course) and something to peel ginger.

Now, peel the ginger and extract the juice out of it in the bowl, and add few drops of coconut oil, and you may even put in some garlic, green tea, or onion juice as a booster. Now simply apply the ginger root hair mask on your hair thoroughly and give a scalp massage to your hair for a while. Now put on your shower cap and leave it like this for 15-20 minutes, and now wash it with a shampoo or conditioner. You will certainly feel the effects and benefits ever after 2-3 washes.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Ginger A natural testosterone booster

Now, since we did get to know about the cosmetic benefits of ginger powder on the skin, we need to understand about the ginger root testosterone. Many of the testosterone supplements do contain ginger as one of their ingredients, and this is why ginger has been known as a testosterone booster, preventing any damage to our organs responsible for reproduction induced due to Aluminium chloride or any other testicular damage. The ginger tea and eating the leftovers from the tea gives you a good start to boost up that testosterone.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root
Ginger root – An alternative as an anti-bacterial herb

image ginger root health benefits
Ginger root is also among one of many herbs an anti-viral and an anti-bacterial herb. For example, within the health benefits, we did see how ginger is responsible to cure a cold and cough, right? So, cold and cough are caused mostly due to bacterial based issues, or it may be viral like fever (rise in body temperature), and ginger is preferred as a natural treatment for cold, cough and fever due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

The common way to leverage ginger root anti-bacterial benefits during a cold is through ginger tea, or you may take an extract of ginger as in ginger juice mixed with honey and take 1-2 teaspoon of it for immediate results.

image of the health benefits of the ginger root

Ginger root and kidney stones- The perfect way to dissolve stones

Yes, ginger roots are very beneficial for patients that suffer from kidney stones.
You might be wondering how ginger- a common spice can be useful in case of kidney stones, right? The citrate present in ginger is responsible for the benefits of ginger, in this case, citrate prevents any further formation and growth of stones. And simply a way to consume it is to add a squeeze of lemon in your ginger tea and you can get all the advantages.

Also, ginger tea will keep you hydrated, and the more hydrated your stomach is, the more it will release unwanted substance like toxins dissolved out of urine. And, thus ginger tea flows out the minerals responsible for the formation stones in the kidney.

So, we did how ginger is really essential and beneficial for your skin, face, hair, and health. The compounds present in the ginger are what make it an important ingredient with several ginger root medicinal uses in many medicines like medicines for cold and cough, medicines for fever, and so forth.

We did try to provide as much details as possible, but if you think we did miss out something or if there is something you want to ask, you may let us know in the comment section, and we will try our best to provide an answer for all of your queries.

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