Curcumin & Inflammation

Inflammation stopping you from what you really want? Want to be more active in life with less pain? and what is inflammation actually. Are there compounds, home remedies or foods that reduce inflammation?

You can relax – There is! Let’s continue with our article and find out what the solutions are for inflammatory issues (Step-by-Step).

First of all – We need to identify what inflammation actually is: It’s a defense mechanism of the body and it is an essential part of the healing process of the different medical issues that can occur in the body.

That sounds like a beneficial mechanism right? So what’s the problem then?


The problem starts – when the body doesn’t quit with the inflammatory response. And what you’re left with is; Pain, swelling body parts and other uncomfortable issues. If the defense mechanism is still putting out inflammatory responses, it will do more harm than good. This is an easy way to explain what inflammation is.


Offcourse the question now for you is: How can I reduce the inflammation?

When we want to reduce inflammation, first of all, we need to take a look at our diet. We can prevent inflammation by taking a good look at our diet and what to take in our diet and what to take out of it.

Which foods cause inflammation?

9 inflammatory foods to avoid

1. Refined Sugar.
2. Vegetable Oils.
3. Fried Foods.
4. Dairy.
5. Processed Meats.
6. excessive alcohol intake.
7. Trans fats.
8. Fast foods.
9. Additive sweeteners or chemicals.

Now you know what foods to avoid Inflammation.

When you look at this list you’re probably not surprised. A lot of people already identify this as unhealthy foods. Still reminding yourself to stay away from this inflammatory foods as much as possible is a great good and a healthy decision. We always need to remind ourselves, since we are creatures of habits and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Foods that reduce inflammation in the body (100% whole foods)

Offcourse we from Natures Healthy Roots we promote healthy roots. So the Turmeric root and the Ginger root are included and they must be because they have immense value in the fight against inflammation in the body.

1. Turmeric Root.
2. Ginger Root.
3. Green leafy vegetables.
4. Celery.
5. Beets.
6. broccoli.
7. Blueberries.
8. pineapple.
9. Salmon (organic)
10. Walnuts.
11. Coconut oils.
12. Chia Seeds.

This anti-inflammatory diet list is all-in-one can’t go wrong list of foods that reduce inflammation in the body.

Having said that. Maybe you want more practical and easy to use Home Remedies to reduce your inflammation?

turmeric couching syropA way to do that –  is by making Ginger or Turmeric Home Remedies and reduce the inflammation in the body yourself. This is a Home Remedy originated from the people in the Himalayan mountains. That drink this for centuries and growing very old and healthy. I think we do ourselves and our body’s a pleasure to drink this milky nectar.

# Home Remedy Turmeric Milk

1 cup Almond Milk.
1 tsp Turmeric powder.
1 Tbsp honey.
½ tsp Cinnamon.
A pinch of black pepper.

The only thing you have to do is warm up the Milk and add and mix the products.

Fast like that – and easy steps to follow! The Turmeric home remedy is good for colds and coughs, It relaxes you and of course, it has huge anti-inflammatory properties. You can drink it in the evening to sleep better, to get more out of this Home Remedy.

Here’s another one: Ginger Tea with Honey

1 Tbsp ginger sliced
1 Tbsp honey
1 slice of lemon

Drink this in the morning and/or night. Preferably both. It’s easy to do and this healthy root tastes good with honey and Lemon. You’re going to love this Home Remedies I use.

What is the next step to stop inflammation in the body?


Hold on Edwin!? This should be an easy guide to reduce inflammation? Yes, no worries. All will be easy and very beneficial for all Inflammation symptoms.

Qi-Gong is the way to go. It’s a very healthy and relaxing easy to follow exercise. It states that one of both energies is out of balance which causes inflammation and needs to be in balance again. There are certain exercises to do that. They just take a few minutes. So get started and enjoy the movements.

The next solution – is an important one. It’s called Diaphragmatic breathing technique. Which is essential to strengthen the immune system, which reduces stress and therefore reduces the inflammation in the body.

Here is a short end clear video about this breathing technique

Do we have another solution to help reduce inflammation? Yes. It’s called Vitamin D. One of this vitamin’s many functions is to regulate the functioning of the immune system. Studies show that most people around the world don’t get enough of this vitamin D. And what is good for the Immune system, is good for reducing inflammation.

Normally when the sun is shining and we go enough outside, we get plenty of vitamin D. In the winter this is more difficult. So it’s easy to get a Vitamin D Supplement and support your fight with this friendly ally.

The last thing you can do is: Get enough sleep.

Sleeping replenishes your body’s energy and cells, which again is good for your immune system that fights the inflammation. Don’t oversleep too much also. But an 8-9 hour sleep is perfect.

The last thing – that I would recommend is meditation. Everything that reduces stress is an ally against inflammation. The upside from meditation is that there are many other health benefits related to meditation. There is less anxiety, feeling more compassion, feeling inner stillness in everyday situations, more focused.

Here is the one meditation I got from my teacher which is really simple to do.

1. Sit straight in a chair
2. put your hands into your lap. One hand over the other, both thumbs touching each other.
3. then follow your breath. Let your breath doing the work for you. You don’t need to adjust it.
4.  now be the observer of the breath. Don’t be the breath. Your job is to observe it and look with every breath and feel this centering of your easy attention get you the deserved quiet time that you need.
5. Thoughts will come up. In the beginning, the will come up quickly. Only observe those thoughts, do not follow them, because they will dray you in one of your storylines. The thoughts will go away eventually when they’re looked at.
6. always go back to your breath when you’re out of your concentration. Be gentle with yourself.

So this was my article about inflammation – and how much you can do about it. I hope you enjoyed it and it has some benefits for you and if you feel inspired then take the Turmeric Plus Capsules Supplements, which have been proven to take a fight against all inflammatory symptoms.

Have a great day!

Be well
Be Blessed,


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