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Turmeric for Skin (easy to follow)

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Turmeric for skin

Are you one of them that want to take good care of your skin? preferably with all natural products? Is there such a product and how do I apply it?
Home remedies natures roots
We of Natures Healthy Roots got your questions covered and have the answers. Kindly read on…

image curcuminn health benefitsTurmeric and Skincare

image turmeric for skincareTurmeric has been known for so long due to its cosmetic benefits, healing properties, and Health Benefits. It is especially due to the presence of a bioactive component in it: Curcumin (It also shows anti-oxidant properties)
Cosmetic benefits (Turmeric benefits for skin and face): Cosmetic properties are due to the presence of curcuminoid pigments in Turmeric helping the body for developing antioxidants, and also, the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric add up to their cosmetic benefits.
Since of our childhood, we have seen turmeric as one of the major spices used in the kitchen as it is often suggested by doctors to consume them in some amount due to their healing properties. For example, we are suggested to drink milk with Turmeric while suffering from a cough.
One of the members of the Ginger family, Turmeric powder is known for their health benefits and they impart noticing benefits to your skin and face.

image curcuminn health benefits

Turmeric benefits for Skin

Wondering how Turmeric may benefit your skin? Well, let’s dive straight into the benefits of the turmeric for your skin.


1. Accelerates the healing process

Research has always been going on about the benefits of Turmeric on animal’s skin, and recently it has been tested and proved that indeed turmeric has been able to increase the healing process of wounds or scars in the human’s skin as well.
Wound- simple injury to the skin in many parts of the body
And, use of turmeric on wounds is able to heal the cut, or prevent them from any further infection and is also responsible for reducing the pain at the same time.

2. No more cracked skin creams!

You might have tried all sorts of creams available in the market for your dry and cracked skins, right? Let’s try with turmeric at one, simply add coconut oil with the turmeric and apply it on your cracked skin. Then, you may wash them off after 15-20 minutes and feel the changes.
The results are astounding and it could be proven to be a helpful home remedy using Turmeric for your cracked skin.
image turmeric benefits for skin
3. No more stretch marks.

Stretch marks often caused during pregnancy period or puberty or maybe during rapid weight gain. And, obviously, you won’t ever stretch marks on your skin and want to get rid of it instantly. Try Turmeric mixed with saffron and lime juice on the part of your skin where there is a stretch mark. And, they will vanish.
Simple, isn’t it?

4. Delays signs of aging

We did mention that Turmeric contains curcuminoid pigments which help the body to develop/make antioxidants on its own.
And, we do know anti-oxidants are responsible for reducing aging signs like darks sports on your face, wrinkles or fine lines. Science says that antioxidant enables your body to protect your skin cells from any radical damage protection, and that’s how it works.

5. Even prevents from skin cancer

The bioactive component, curcumin in the turmeric has been proven to be useful for an utmost skin cancer treatment. It simply kills the tumor cells in the skin and leaves the healthy cells intact. Also, consumption of turmeric in considerable amount can prevent you during the pre-cancer period.

Now, since we do know the utmost benefits of Turmeric for skin, the same does apply to our face as well. In fact, it is a great ingredient recommended by experts for natural home remedies for face. Home remedies using turmeric can be used to cure or prevent a different type of skin problems.

image curcuminn health benefits

Turmeric benefits for Face

Let’s get to know more about the Turmeric powder benefits for the face and why do they work so well.


image turmeric benefits for face1. Act as a natural Exfoliation means

Exfoliation i.e the removal of the oldest dead skin cells from your face is often done to add up to your beauty and bring your natural glow. It is often achieved through mechanical i.e using electrical machines or chemical i.e highly expensive and fancy creams. And, honestly, we do know both of them sucks.

Either they are too expensive or are not natural for your face. But, applying Turmeric to your face works as a good exfoliator and with the regular use you can get even better results when compared to those expensive chemical ways.

2. Cures red spots on your face ie acne

Acne can be in the form of whiteheads, pimples, red spots or cysts on your face. Data shows that more than 50 million individual has been affected by acne in the United States alone.
Turmeric is known for its anti-bacterial properties and that’s what makes it a perfect home remedy for curing acne naturally. Acnes are caused by bacteria which does wash off with your daily showers and face wash. So, simply add 5 gms of turmeric powder in some milk and 2 teaspoons of sandalwood. Stir it to make a paste and apply it on your face thoroughly to leave it to dry. Wash off once it dries up completely.
Use the Turmeric acne remedy for 3-4 times in a week and see the changes yourself.

image curcuminn health benefits

Turmeric Face Mask

image turmeric face mask

No wonder, you do always pamper a fair and glowing skin on your face and at the same time, you may not afford much for expensive salon facials or fancy beauty products. For example, if you had ever visited an Indian wedding of your friend or companion, you must have seen how they apply Turmeric face mask on brides face before their marriage. This ritual is the reason behind the cosmetic benefits of turmeric powder.

But, no worries, we will tell you few simple steps to make a turmeric powder face mask at your home i.e DIY Turmeric face mask.

Here are the steps:

  •  Take 2 spoons of flour ( regular flour), 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, ½ cup milk or yogurt, and a few drops of honey. Mix them thoroughly to make a paste.
  • Now, simply apply them on the face in a regular way, not leaving any part of your face. Allow them to dry.
  • Wait for 20-30 mins, and wash off while regular shower or with a splash of water on your face. (Also, scrub gently the mask layer on your face while washing off to remove all the dirt along with them)
  • Use some moisturize, and consider them regularly for a naturally glowing skin.

Also, a few times, people do wonder if the ingredient turmeric in the mask will turn their face yellow. Let us assure you that it is completely illogical and not true, the reason being the small amount of turmeric which often gets washed off with your splash of water or shower. Besides, if you have ever read the ingredient of your fancy beauty products, most of them do contain Turmeric along with several chemical ingredients. But, you might want to ensure that you do always have the best quality turmeric powder in the mixture of the ingredients of the Turmeric powder face mask.

image curcuminn health benefits
Things to take care of while using Turmeric on skin and face

When using turmeric, you must ensure few things and take care of them:

  • Using best quality Turmeric powder (as mentioned above)
  • Dosage, careful about the dosage, as it may sometime stain your skin.
  • Do check if your skin is allergic to turmeric, apply turmeric paste on a small part of the skin and wait to see the result.
  • Careful about the ingredients you mix, always fact check the ingredient from a trustable source.
  • Never keep the mask on your face for more than 20-30 minutes. In fact, 20 minutes should be good enough.
  • Always do rinse and still thoroughly to ensure that it has been mixed completely
    Never use to soap to wash off the face mask.image curcuminn health benefits

Bottom Line

Turmeric is one of those great natural ingredients you can apply to your skin and face. Not just that, adding a considerable and balanced amount of turmeric in your diet gives you a fair amount of manganese and Iron your body seeks on a daily basis. Besides, Turmeric also enables your body to digest fats.

With this Article, we did our best to give you as much information as possible, but still if there is anything else you want to know about Turmeric powder, or Turmeric face mask or want to clarify any of the information provided, please do reach us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

image turmeric health benefits
Also, if you have applied any of Turmeric based home remedies at home; please share your experience on social media below…

Thank You for reading!


A way out of Anxiety

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You’re fed up with your anxiety that’s consuming your life’s joy? Want to take yourself to a new level of freedom, without anxiety? This is what helped me and I’m sure this is going to work for you as well. Keep on reading..

The 4 things you need to know to overcome your Anxiety

I suffered my whole life of severe anxiety issues. I was in dark places with my mind. One of my diagnoses was G.A.S: General Anxiety Syndrome. If you have that kind of diagnose. You know that you’re f#cked.

I wasn’t able to live life to my fullest potential.  I locked myself up in my apartment scared to go outside, to do groceries, exercise or go to work…

Meeting my mentor

Everybody experience angst and/or anxiety, to some degree, but what most people don’t have is a mind that is filled with anxious thoughts, memories, and imagination about the most grueling situations that might happen. I was in a horrible place then..

Then I met my counselor, who was a very experienced one. She was also a shaman. Which surprised me a bit at the beginning. What could I expect? I didn’t know then how important she would be in my life and how capable and knowledgeable she is…

I want to share – the very important lessons and practical tips I learned from here. And you won’t find this on the internet or with other counselors. So take advantage of this new approach..


So what anxiety strategies are you going to learn today?

1. To release Anxiety and other emotions.

2. Be present while having Anxiety.

3. Reprogram your subconscious mind.

4. Talking with your unconscious mind.



# – To release Anxiety and Other Emotions

What exactly means releasing your emotions? – It can be pretty simple actually. You know that feeling of anxiety where as soon as you can, you hide, run, ignore or get totally overwhelmed by it. You know that feeling right?..

What I’ve learned from my counselor is that as soon that anxiety is trying to overwhelm you. You go with your awareness into that feeling. Often it’s somewhere by your stomach. When you feel that emotion. Hold it with your awareness like you would hold a child in despair and needs comforting ….


You probably know this – But the anxiety that you feel is formed at an earlier stage of your life. Probably when you were a child or somewhat older.

That’s why you need to comfort the feeling like it was you as a child! When you do that. You may notice, that your feelings of anxiety or other emotions get less intense.

Just hold it for a specific time and when you think it’s a good point to stop. Just stop! And go on doing something else you enjoy doing.

Don’t take that last sentence for granted – It’s a very important one. If you hold it too long, you can dwell in your emotions. So feel when it’s a good time to stop and doing something else.

2. Be present with your emotions

When you comfort your feelings and let the thoughts and memories drive by as if you’re looking at it, as the observer. When doing that you’re releasing your emotions and the subconscious thoughts and memories that rise to the surface. This will work definitely, although it will take practice. But you can do this!..

#Relief & Comfort

Offcourse the Anxiety rush will go by now. You gave it space and released some of the emotions associated with it. You will find relief and comfort now. If you have a hard time with it find me on Twitter:@vliet_edwin or Facebook group: NaturesHealthyRoots and give me a personal message!

3. Reprogram your mind.


This is an interesting one – But very powerful. It has similarities with NLP. But this method is more flexible.

Every thought, image and/or memories that come to the surface, need a reversed thought, image or memory, that states the opposite of the current thought.

For Example: – When I see a particular person yelling me and which has occurred in the past. I replace that thought with my own thought that I’m creating on the spot ….

The thought and image would look something along this way:

I assertively speak – to that person and why he is yelling at me. The perpetrator would say that he was a victim himself and is very sorry that he did this. He didn’t know that he was hurting me that much and in the future, he wouldn’t do it again. We shake hands and I would say I forgive him end we walk away from each other.

Now, this is a simple example of how this is done. You can go wild with your imagination and everything is allowed! If you want to scream. Then hell, scream!! If you want to swear. By god means, do swear! But always keep in mind to end it positive and constructive. You’re the one living with those thoughts and emotions

4. Talking with the unconscious mind

It is more flexible because – every time you get an anxious thought or memory, you can anticipate.

For example: If angst suddenly appears. You first hold the feeling in a comforting way and then don’t react with the thoughts that drift by. You’re being present with the feeling then. Then you change the thought in a way that’s most pleasant for you and while doing this you can talk about the thoughts and memories that your unconscious bring up. I often have discussions with myself.

I hear you thinking: ”nutcase” Haha even though it has some truth in it. It is extremely beneficial to talk with yourself and to change your old habits..


These are questions you can ask your unconscious:

    • Why do you bring up this memory?
    • Do you think it’s beneficial for me?
    • When was the last time we had these experience?
    • And how did you feel this time?

Remember – your talking to a very intelligent psychological entity. If you had certain kind of behavior patterns at the time of the repressed memory. It will come up with these behavior patterns. Remember how you were at the time of that memory…

Why am I saying this?

So you don’t be surprised – when you get a very agitated, angry, jealous unconscious ”You” speaking. Go interact and speak with him as if you would to every child (because this is you from an earlier stage in your life)..

That means: Be kind, be patient, be loving, give him space, keep it simple, listen carefully.But a stubborn child needs discipline, assertiveness, clarity too. So treat it like it was your own child. Which its true from a certain perspective.

I Certainly think this will work for you. Give it a social share, if this worked for you.


To summarize it:

1. If you feel inspired. Use the natural anti-anxious supplements.

2. To release Anxiety and other emotions.

3. Be present while having Anxiety.

4. Reprogram your subconscious mind.

5. Talking with your unconscious mind.

depression brain

Be Well.
Be Blessed,



Depression and Health (4 easy steps out of the depression trap)

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turmeric nutrition

Is there a natural compound in nature that would help against my battle with depression? And if so, how good is it? Why is this such a great ally against depression?  Maybe exercises that are Depression-proof? Let’s find out and I will take you on this journey with this incredible healthy root, exercises, inspiration and much more!…

I dealt with depression and anxiety almost my whole life. You can say I had my share of life’s worries and experiences.

Even though there’s a lot of anti-depressants on the market. They often have a lot of side effects and in my experience, the side effects are a lot worse than the original cause that you were taken the medication in for the first place ….

So what is that friendly ally then, that I speak off?

image how to stay healthyAs you probably had noticed. My website is about Natures Healthy Roots and what it can do for you. I’m a big fan of the Turmeric Root because it’s so diverse in the ability to overcome health challenges.

Is this healthy root proven to help with depression?…..

Yes! First of all, they did a test on rats that were slightly depressed. They had low levels of serotonin and noradrenaline. When they gave the rats a dose of curcumin the levels of these hormones rose again to normal values.

Ok, Edwin. But I’m Human. What about humans?

Ah, Good point! I almost forgot.

There’s a lot of research being done on this healthy root and it’s healing effects, lowering inflammation symptoms and much more. There are more than 500 studies conducted.

But this 1 study stands out.

They gave 108 male depressed patients 2 x 1000mg curcumin capsules (without Bioperine) or the placeboes were given to the other group. They had to take the curcumin capsules for 6 weeks.

The group that took the curcumin capsules, had a significant antidepressant behavioral response. In other words; it means that the compounds in the curcumin supplements, giving an effect that it looks likes it is behaving like anti-depressants.

Look for scientific studies here.

That’s pretty impressive right!?

Does that mean it’s a quick fix for depression? No, it isn’t. But you’re are 3 steps ahead with the curcumin supplements. People forget sometimes that all illnesses, in my experience need a holistic approach.

how long does it take for turmeric to workLet me tell you the 3 most important things I did (Depressed-Proof)

1. Make up your bed every day you wake up.

Now, this sounds silly, right? Well, actually No. Not at all!

Really Depressed people are tortured with negative thoughts about their self-image. During the day they often feel more depressed and negative about their self-image because they can’t get anything done.

Making your bed every day and going to bed in a perfectly made up bed. Gives you a feeling that you did something for yourself and it really gives you a positive impulse beginning and ending your day like that.

It is the first step to a new positive Routine, that you just can’t mess up. And this can be the most valuable action you can take against your fight against depression.

To illustrate this. Check this awesome Video:


2. Exercise [Be in Motion]

be in motionOffcourse this sounds logical and for a lot of depressed people, this is too much. That’s why I made it Depressed-Proof. When I say depressed proof. I take emphatic notion that a lot of people fighting against these symptoms of this horrible condition and often their situation needs a simple routine, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the new routine. As I did when I was Depressed and anxious.


Exercises 1:

turmeric nutrition

#Child Pose (yoga) – 30 seconds or as long that it feels right.

turmeric nutrition

#Bridge Pose (yoga) – 30 seconds or as long that it feels right.

depression brain

#Upword-facing Dog Pose (yoga) – 15 seconds or as long that it feels right.

depression symptoms

#Downward-facing Dog Pose (yoga) – 15 seconds or as long that it feels right.

health benefits of turmeric

#Standing-forward Fold Pose (yoga) – 30 seconds or as long that it feels right.

Life is depressing

#Savasana (yoga, lying meditation) – 1 minute or as long that it feels right.


So now we have a 4-minute gentle workout, that’s specifically designed to work on the symptoms of depression. Here is the Source for further instructions:

Are there more things we can do to get relief from the symptoms of depression? Yes, one very simple exercise can work magic!

It’s called walking in Nature

depression brain

Offcourse very simple. But that is just what we need when struggling to be an energetic person. If you don’t have nature around your home. A good walk around the block is very beneficial too. Sometimes going outside for even 5 minutes can alleviate some of the depressive symptoms. Especially for Anxious people, it can work magic for them.

Ok, so what is number 3 that I use?

3. Writing in a Journal.

how long does it take for tumeric to workWhat do you write in your Journal then?

  •  The things that you are thankful for.
  • The Thoughts That need to go out.
  • The new thoughts that you want in your system.


You might be thinking: If I’m depressed and anxious how can I be Thankful? You can actually. If you make up your bed and go to sleep with a perfectly made up bed. That is something you should write up in your Journal. How small the achievement is in your eyes. You should write it in your journal. Every inch of thankfulness you practice eliminates doubtful, anxious and other negative feelings. You’re trying to get in a space of gratitude and every step is one you can be proud of.

#Thoughts that need to go out of your system (A.S.A.P.)

Anything that bothers you or thoughts that misbehave get a direct trip to your journal. You don’t need to put up with this thoughts. When writing your destructive thoughts in your journal, you give space for thoughts that are constructive, loving, inspirational and who knows what kind of emotion you come up with. It’s just ranting on paper and that feels good! No…It feels awesome!…

#The new thoughts that you want in your system.

If you go back into your own memories. There was probably a point in your life where you found out that you had negative self-talk. That always annoying inner critic, that you weren’t good enough or something of that nature.

And listening to that inner critic, we were unconsciously affirming how inadequate, lazy, bad looking, stupid, etc we are.

So why not reverse that unconscious routine? Is that possible? Yes of course! I did it like that. It’s hard in the beginning. Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity to changes the hardened beliefs that you carry inside your consciousness.

Write 5 of your most destructive thoughts in your journal.

For example: If you have the belief that you’re not good enough
your write an affirmation, that you are good enough.

Example: I am good enough

The ”I am” is important. Because you put it in the present as if it already occurred. Most of the time when you affirming new beliefs in your mind, it feels unauthentic. That is just because you were affirming the opposite belief. It takes practice and repetition to embody the new beliefs.

So don’t feel awkward feeling unauthentic. You’re just practicing the new art: of how to change my belief structure.

And it will change by time!

To conclude this article. Let’s summarize what we did talk about and what the conclusion is:

#Step 1: If you feel inspired; Take the curcumin supplements.
#Step 2: Discipline your self with the easiest task, to begin with.
#Step 3: Get yourself in motion. Do easy Exercise.
#Step 4: Write in your Journal.

Would we say this is immobility-proof? I think so and you’re probably are going to agree.

If you take these 4 (easy) steps into your new morning or/and evening routine. Wouldn’t this be a great step towards getting out of the dreadful situation and mindset; called Depression?

This is what helped me along my journey. I know now that you have to begin with the easy steps and master them and eventually go to the higher goals in life. I think you can do this.

I hope this Article will help you with your process and eventually you’ll get out of your situation and reduce your depression symptoms.

That’s my wish for you.

depression brain

Be blessed.
Be well,