best foods for cartilage repair

Best foods for healthy joints and cartilage repair


Joints, what to do without them? They help you in bending, twisting and moving in all direction so that we can live enjoyably doing different activities like dancing, rock climbing and many more. So in case, the joints are damaged due to any reason like illness injury or any kind of pain. We always try to find solutions.

They also provide you with great discomfort and cause restrictions on joints and thus we are not able to perform many activities that we love so much. The damage of joints is due to many reasons. For example: Osteoarthritis, gout, bursitis, sprains and many more.

Joint pain is affecting many people almost every third adult is affected by the joint pain. The pain grew worse as the people grow.

Cartilage is said to be one of the most important parts of the human body, it is known as a connective tissue that is present in all the regions of the human body. There are times these cartilages get damage and this lead to inflammation, stiffness, and pain. This leads to osteoarthritis this can be classified as one of the most common types of arthritis that can be seen in a human.

Therefore people should eat healthy food so that the cartilage can easily be rebuilt easily in case it is being damaged accidentally.

The knee has the largest joint in the human body, it made with up to the femur at the lower and at the end of the thighbone.

Some of the things you can do for having healthy joints and cartilage repair

  • Knee stabilizer- there is various essential stabilizers for keeping your keens strong and healthy. Some of the essentials stabilizers include: The iliotibial band, a thick tissue that is running from the pelvis to the outside knee which helps you in good functioning of the knee during the physical activity.


  • Exercise and diet- the knees are supported by quadriceps, hamstrings and muscles and the cartilages so, to ensure that the elements are functioning properly so that the injuries can easily be avoided. So it is best to go enough exercise and have a well-balanced diet. This will help you in keeping your body weight stable and keep your calories stable. This will help you in protecting your knees and other things that surround them.


  • Avoid inflammatory food- the cartilages that are surrounding the knee area are vulnerable to overuse. So eating the proper foods can help you in building the strong cartilages and will also protect your joints. So if you want to have the good health for the person, then one can easily overcome the over emphasize of inflammatory food so that your knees stay supple, strong and resistant.

Good foods for healthy joint and bones

The most inflammatory foods is the one that is highly processed, they are fast food, and gluten based food, these are found in snack food. So make sure that you avoid having sugary food, cow milk and dairy products this can help you in reducing inflammation.

Tips for reducing inflammation

  • Lower cooking temperature – high temperature is also the cause of high inflammation caused in the body. The compound of inflammation is produced due to excess heat. This is mainly due to grilling and roasting meat. Gentler cooking is said to be the best alternative, rather than poaching and slow baking.


Best foods for healthy joints and cartilage

  • Winter squash – Winter squash are available to you in various shapes and colors. Common names for various squash are butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin, and jack –o-pumpkin. The butternuts have great taste when they are roasted or pureed in a soup. This soup is said to be very delicious when they are baked with brown sugar and butter.
    Winter squashes are said to be high in vitamin A and C, this provides you with great beneficial antioxidants. These help you in fighting against the damages that are being caused in the human body. Antioxidant helps you in fighting from oxidative that occur in your body. They help you in supplementing your joints and keep them healthy and strong.


  • Dark, leafy greens – dark green leafy are said to be very amazing and have extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Buy dark greens that you like, these include fresh kale, chard, beet greens and many more. Greens are said to be the best in eggs dishes that can easily be taken for breakfast and brunch.
    Know why to have dark and green leafy vegetables. These green leave have tons of essentials vitamins and minerals. This also helps you in managing weight and also has a low glycemic index. This also helps you in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. They are said to be the perfect ingredient for joint.
    There are vital nutrients present in green leafy vegetable this included vitamin C, K, and A. they have iron, magnesium, and calcium. Calcium and magnesium are said to be the best for strong bones. Antioxidants are known to be the best and are known for combat oxidant and damage. The causes of these inflammations are due to aging through the body and because of your joints. The nutrients in these dark leafy are the best for healthy joints.


  • Olive oil– things will automatically taste good in case they are being added with olive oil. It tastes of olive oil is very wonderful when eaten with multigrain bread. One can pure oil in small bowl and chopped with fresh herbs. You can easily dunk your bread and then enjoy.
    Cooking food with olive oil will help you in enhancing the flavor of the vegetable. Sauté the garlic slice and then add the virgin olive oil to it, add the wet chopped greens and cover it with the lid. When they wilt they are ready for the people to eat. Add the salt as per your taste and pepper and can easily have a delicious side of dish that will help you in having healthy joints.


  • Turkey- turkey is gaining great popularity and is said to be the excellent source of proteins. They play a great role in the functioning and the repairing of the muscles. They are said to be very essential for joint health. There are many other benefits of turkey as well. They will help you with sleeping and improve your mood.
    Skinless white turkey is said to be excellent they are very low in fat and have low cholesterol as well. it is also known as a substitute for many meat recipes, this helps you in making other recopies like a burger, foodstuffs that include chili. This will help you in lighting the dish and provides you with the great way to maintain your weight for keeping the pressure away from your joints.


  • Citrus fruit- winter is known as a season of citrus, they are said to be very important when the other fruits are out of season. Grapes, orange, pomelos, tangelos, lemon are known as the most popular citrus fruits. They are primarily known for their vitamin C, calcium, folate, niacin, magnesium and copper. A orange is said to have 170 different phytonutrients.

Recipes for healthy joints

recipes cartilage repair

So here is one delicious recipe made using two of our 5 foods that will make your joints healthy.
The soup is being loaded with various vitamins and is said to be low in fat. There are many ways to improve the health when you are exploring the joints friendly food and dishes that will help them in making them strong.

⦁ 1 lg of butter, peeled, seeded, and chopped them large chunks.
⦁ 1 lg onion fully chopped.
⦁ Olive oil
⦁ One cup of vegetable or chicken can also be taken
⦁ 3 to 4 cups of apple cider
⦁ Salt and paper as per taste

How to make it:

Put the fully chopped onion in a large pot till they are soft and golden, after that add squash cubes, 1 cup of cider and vegetable- and chicken broth, shimmer and cover it with lid. Cook till the time squash is soft poor it in a blender or a food processor in batches.

Then come back to the pot and then add more apple cider to it according to the thickness that is desired. Then season it with salt and paper and then serve your dish.

Many fresh fruits and green leafy greens will help you in getting relief of joint pain. They help you in supplying water that helps in keeping your muscles hydrated. These are fruits that are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Some of the benefits of the plants are only available when they are eaten raw.

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