MORE and more people suffer from joint pain these days. In the last ten years, men and woman had an increase with joint pain ailments.

It becomes a daunting task to cope with this let alone stand the pain you face every day.

Some will stop the fight under the constant pressure of the pain and the unfulfilling lives they live. Others will stand their ground and fight until they solve their problems.

Don’t we all want to enjoy life again without the immense pain and do enjoyable activities again. Especially with the people who are closest to us?

Now, luckily, there’s a way for you with these new supplements for joint pain relief on the market, which allows you to heal cartilage damage and enjoy your life again.

Let’s dive into the pro joint plus review and see if this could work for you also


pro joint plus review

Dear friend,

My name is Edwin van Vliet and I’m 37 years old. I’m from the Netherlands and I suffered from physical and mental health problems.

Through the years I discovered that the normal approach of healing the physical body and the mind isn’t always sufficient. And in some cases, it only gets worse.

I Learned that with natural supplements, the right diet, exercise, rest and the power of the mind you can heal by yourself. Or at least I could do it.

That’s why I started this blog to give back to people that are in the same situation as me and want to heal themselves.

The power of nature is incredibly strong and it knows how to heal the body. But it needs the right natural ingredients that the body recognizes so it can heal by itself.

After years of study and seeing professionals and experimenting with natures finest nutrition. I finally was able to heal myself and this is what I hope for you. To finally find comfort and relief in your own life…

Be well,


The story of my uncle and his remission from knee cartilage 

best supplement for knee cartilagePeople like you, who have been through intense pain and poor joint health, understand how miserable it can get.

Joints are one of the most important parts of our body and do most of our body movements.

But what if you feel immense knee pain all the time and there isn’t a fast solution for it?

It can be really stressful and painful, right?

The same situation happened to my uncle when he suffered from severe knee cartilage damage a year ago.

It all started with a normal pain which he kept ignoring until the day his knee began to swell and hurt immensely.

After getting the tests done, it was discovered that the cartilage tissue in his knee was damaged severely. 

He was recommended surgeries, but knowing about my story and my healing, that was clearly not the only option left for him.

Instead, I told him about how to heal with pro joint plus so he could learn more about this natural supplement for knee cartilage repair and knee joint pain.

He spent a huge amount on different medications and he also invested a huge amount of time and money on it.

But none of them could lessen his pain. He tried almost everything on the market, but the results were negligible. 

But when I recommended this fabulous supplement for repairing his knee cartilage and joint health. He thought he would give it a go.


Honestly, He didn’t think of its effects at all until the first 3 weeks. After 3 weeks he actually started to feel the difference in the pain and flexibility of his movements.

Within a month his pain was reduced to about 40%, which gave him the relief he wanted so badly.

When 2 months had passed, his symptoms were less and less and he was feeling optimistic about the end results.

The pain wasn’t that noticeable anymore and his flexibility in his knees improved rapidly.

Finally, after 5 months he was able to walk normally again with almost no pain anymore. For him, that was something he could only imagine.

supplementt for knee cartilage

Finally, he could do all the things like he used to do before.

For example, he always loved walking and playing with his grandchildren. Or go hiking first thing in the morning. 

Just a simple walk and spend time with his loved ones was all he was asking for.

Luckily for him, that time has arrived now and he still thanks me for recommending pro joint plus.

If you can’t wait you can read the testimonials HERE and learn more from other users.

Best supplements for knee cartilage repair | Best knee joint Supplements

What is Pro Joint Plus?

Pro Joint Plus is a supplement that helps in reducing overall joint damage, joint pain and restores cartilage.

It is especially effective for people suffering from the problem of knee cartilage damage, SI dysfunction, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other Joint ailments.

This best knee joint supplement has some of the most advanced ingredients that ensure better joint health as well as the regeneration of cartilage tissues and Joint damage.

Pro joint plus comes in the form of capsules making it more effective and makes it work faster and saver.

The best part about this supplement is that it is made up of all natural and organic ingredients, which I came to believe and experience is the best way to repair cartilage damage.

The natural ingredients used in this are safe and with no side-effects

buy pro joint plus


As you can tell about Anna in the picture if you read the text above. She uses this supplement for over a year now.

She had an accident and her knee cartilage was damaged. She loves hiking, but couldn’t do it anymore because of the immense pain.

After six months she recovered from her knee pain and the knee cartilage had regenerated.

Now She is walking with her partner Adam every morning, without the immense pain and enjoying her hiking again.

That’s what a good cartilage repair supplement should do, right?

For who is Pro joint Plus?

This supplement can be used by adults of any age group. But you can use this supplement for Knee Cartilage Regeneration, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and overall joint health.

What are the ingredients used in the Pro Joint Plus?

ingredients pro joint plus

As I mentioned earlier in this pro joint plus review. This supplement is made up of all natural ingredients. Here is the list of some of the main ingredients included and what benefits they have:

  • Boswellia extract– this component is anti-inflammatory and helps in reducing the swelling and pain.
  • Turmeric– it is an antiseptic in itself and it contains curcumin known as one of the best anti-inflammatory compounds there is. It helps in reducing pain and rebuild cartilage tissues.
  • Quercetin- it promotes the individual performance and joint strength by alleviating inflammation and increasing the endurance level of a person.
  • Bromelain– this also works as an anti-inflammatory agent reducing pain and irritation
  • Chondroitin Sulfate– this is one of the most important elements in this supplement. It promotes the regeneration and growth of cartilage tissue and is best for the treatment of knee cartilage damage
  • Glucosamine Sulfate– this element is also essential in the production of cartilage, joint tendons, joint fluids, and joint ligaments. This element also helps in giving relief to the problem of SI dysfunction or osteoarthritis.
  • Methionine– this ingredient helps in the development of muscles. It is effective and especially for the muscles of joints.

The ingredients mentioned above are safe and can be used by anyone without having to worry about any side effects.

Pro Joint Plus Review

All these natural ingredients together make this supplement one of the best in various areas like promoting joint mobility, enhancing joint health, promote the flexibility of joints, and regenerate the growth of knee cartilage tissues

It also can help in restoring the fluids between joints that keeps the joint lubricated and prevents the knee cartilage from wear and tear.

Why is pro joint plus better than the other products on the market?

  • There’re several reasons for that. Most supplements for cartilage repair have less effective and cheaper forms of Glucosamine in it. Pro Joint plus DOES have the proper form of glucosamine in it, named: Glucosamine Sulfate. It’s a natural chemical compound found in the body and is the most important ingredient of this supplement.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate is not only known for healing cartilage. It is also notorious for reducing pain in joints and other parts of the body. That’s the most important reason why I’m so enthusiastic about it. It takes care of the two most important problems with knee cartilage repair. Therefore if that’s not in your product, the product isn’t that much worth.
  • It has Turmeric in it which most of the supplements for cartilage repair don’t have. Turmeric is well known – or better said – notorious for its anti-inflammatory properties. And inflammation can be a root-cause of cartilage damage. Since Turmeric is well researched for its anti-inflammatory properties it is a must-have in your supplements for knee cartilage repair.
  • The ratio between the quality and the price is optimal for people that want high standards, without feeling they are mugged from their bank account. If you would buy all these ingredients apart, you could easily spend more than 100 bucks.


  • You always get a 5% flat discount and sometimes 10% or 20% on every purchase if they have a special offer. In this way, you always get free shipping or even extra money. Which is pretty neat from Vitabalance.

If you like you can check out which discount is applicable nowAnd get the most out of your money.

These are the most important advantages against other supplements for knee cartilage repair.

There isn’t such a supplement within this price range that is so effective for healing cartilage damage. At least that’s what I found looking at the story of my uncle.

Especially when we look closer to the benefits and advantages of this best knee joint supplement for cartilage repair.

After the advantages and benefits of pro joint plus, let’s have some more fun and go and dig in a little deeper into the benefits of the pro joint plus supplement.


What are the benefits of Pro Joint Plus?

best knee joint supplements
best knee joint supplements

And know after knowing a bit more about this product, the very next question might have hit your head: what are the Pros and Cons of this cartilage repair pills?

Well, since it is my uncle’s first-hand experience with this supplement, I can give you the exact number of benefits and disadvantages of it. Here are some of the great benefits of using Joint Pro Plus:




Improves cartilage tissue functionality– this is one of the most important benefits of Joint Pro Plus. It helps to improve and promotes the growth of cartilage tissue in the knees making them work properly again. The better the cartilage tissue, the better the knee functions. This was proven after three months of using this supplement.

provides essential nutrients– the elements present in this supplement provide all the essential nutrients to the body and joints making the bone health better.

Improves the healing process– this supplement can heal or repair any kind of damaged tissue, like cartilage tissue in the knees or any other muscles. 

Improves the mobility levels– since this supplement improves the muscle health, facilitates lubrication, improves the cartilage tissue condition, and all of these things result in a better functioning and better mobility of the joints and muscles. This was already noticeable in the first three weeks.

Long lasting effects– the best benefit of this supplement is that it is safe and has a long lasting result. You will not have to face the same problem again anytime soon.

Affordable– with so much power packed qualities, you get this supplement at the most reasonable price. You won’t get such a deal otherwise in the market with this effects. 

Are there any disadvantages to this supplement?

The disadvantages are not a big issue. Therefore, here I have listed only one thing which I did not like about the pro joint plus.

  • No trial period– it offers no trial period or any free supplement sample to its buyers for reference. This means that if you want to try out on this supplement you will have to buy one bottle. Therefore, it can be a disadvantage for some people.

Pro joint plus testimonies

Maybe another question might hit your head; What about Testimonies Edwin? I took some of the testimonials of the official website to give you a better impression of what this supplement can do for you.

Steve – Brisbaine ” Im a tiler by trade for over 20 years. I’m on my knees the best part of every day, so projoint plus is a necessity for me. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and It’s definitely taken away a lot more stiffness in my knees. A lot of the other guys are using it too”.

Jerry – Long Island, ”Definitely noticing a return to my knee flexing properly!”

Violete – Washington D.C, ”I’ve noticed that my hands arent as stiff anymore and they used be very stiff after typing for a long time”.

‍Erik – Seattle, ”Joint pain keeps me up at night. I take these once in the morning and once at night and I find it has helped with the pain and I can sleep better”.

Charly – Chicago, ”This is the second order I am getting for my grandma cause she loves it. She’s even walking without her walker around the house!”.

Amber – Adelaide, ”My doctor told me swimming was great for my joint pain but I was having a hard time even doing that after a bad fall. I am happy to be back in the water and feeling less pain. Reordering now”

Yasmine – Portland, ”Hi, I love your bottles and have been using for about 4 months now it really helps with the gardening when I’m bent down on my knees for a long time. You should offer a 12 month special because I’ll buy it straight away”

Where to buy pro joint plus

This product is available only in online stores. You can order it from a trusted online shopping site for which I got you a discount coupon for. If you want to take advantage of the coupon with the discount package you can click on the link below:

pro joint plus review

Discount coupon:


Pro Joint Plus review conclusion!

supplements for knee cartilage repairAt the end of this pro joint plus review, I would say only one thing about this supplement for knee cartilage repair.

These Joint Pro Plus supplements are definitely worth considering.

It can really work for the people who are suffering from serious knee cartilage damage but don’t want to undergo surgery.


It ensures that the joint mobility and the cartilage is restored and reduces the knee pain. That is after all that we’re hoping and looking for.

The good thing about this supplement is that it not only focuses on the cartilage repair but also improves and enhances the functions of the joints and muscles of the entire body making you feel more energetic, strengthened and young.

In the end. I would leave you free to go for any supplement of your choice.

But if none of them work, Joint pro plus might work for you. It is effective, fast and affordable and the most important thing…It works!

Do you want to learn or buy pro joint plus with a discount? Click Here

Be well,
Be blessed,


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